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In order to start your online Employer's Quarterly Earned Income Tax Return (E-1), you will need your Account Number and your Federal Tax ID (EIN).

1. Your Account Number is the identification number for your business, which Berkheimer has assigned to you. Please only use the last 7 digits of your account number. Example: 99999-NO-9999999

2. Your Federal Tax ID (Employer Identification Number) is the 9 digit number that identifies your business entity. Please do not enter hyphens when entering your Federal Tax ID (EIN).

E-File Tax Tip

If Berkheimer does not have your Federal Tax ID (EIN), then you will need to contact our Customer Service Department at (610) 599-3139 in order to continue with the efile process.
Account Number:
Federal Tax ID (EIN):

All returns filed online are now required to be
paid online at no additional cost to you. There
is no longer an option to mail your payment
after submitting your return online.



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